Share - Manage - Heal - Rebuild

Taking that first step can be very difficult!


Often we despair at issues life presents. This despair can effect our confidence and self esteem and our ability to manage

over-reactions and irrational beliefs.  Counselling provides the opportunity for renewed confidence, clarity and enthusiasm

for the life ahead to be able to manage the highs and lows which life itself brings. 


Having an empathic counsellor who appreciates we are all unique and complex and can unravel our complexities in a healthy

well-informed way goes a long way to us achieving confidence and stability to Share, Manage, Heal and Rebuild.


For many of us having a safe place in which to explore the emotions or pain we may be experiencing helps in clarifying the focus of our issues. Having a trained professional to talk things over with provides a unique opportunity to explore the present or the past and creates an environment for thinking, re-assessing and going forward.


I am happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel call on 02 43246813.


Kathy Gerrie is an accedited Specialist Counsellor and Therapist who offers professional counselling and relationship education for indivduals, couples and groups.

With over 18 years experience working within government and community welfare oragnisations, Kathy has a strong background in one to one, couple and group counselling and offers assistance in a wide range of areas including:



  • Loss, grief, trauma and bereavement
  • Pre-marriage counselling/education
  • difficulties in handling life-transitions
  • relationship difficulties
  • group faciliation
  • school exam stress for students
  • seperation and divorce
  • unresolved conflict
  • differing family backgrounds
  • communication
  • parenting difficulties

Kathy's warm, open nature coupled with her experience, passion and commitment to her clients ensures a non-threatening environment for clients, especially for those for whom counselling is a new process.

Kathy offers her services on an appointment-only basis.

For further information, you can telephone Kathy on 02 43246813 or email Kathy on

(or simply click on the link above).

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